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Innovation Networks 2002 GmbH is a specialist for the networking products of Cisco Systems. Especially enterprise customers, from medium to large companies, enjoy our services.

The main focus of Innovation Networks is Routing (LAN/WAN), Layer-3 Switching, Layer-2 Switching, Wireless-LAN, ATM, Remote-Access, Security (PIX Firewall, Intrusion Detection System, Access Control, Encryption), Content Delivery Networking (CDN) and Voice over IP (VoIP). We also are experts in all important technologies like Multicast routing, Quality-of-Service, IPsec, VPN, MPLS...

System integration

Installation and configuration of network components from Cisco Systems. Of course we also integrate this components in your existing network environment.

Network Analysis

Network audits to explore the current situation in the network. Based on the result , bottlenecks can be determined and eliminated. Network availability was increasing.

Operation Support
We support you processing your daily network business and keep up network operation - especially in case of holiday, sickness or long-term absence of responsible employees.


Development of detailed technical network designs. Planning and designs of communication infrastructures based on IP. We advise you in all questions regarding maintenance, services and service-levels.


Depending on our customers needs we deploy individual technical trainings and workshops for exactly match the demand. We offer fundamental trainings as well as in-depth trainings for specific subjects.

Customer Care

Powerful proactive services to keep the customers network up-to-date with the demands of today and tomorrow. In regular meetings (via phone conference or onsite-visit) we will discuss current and upcoming requests to the network infrastructure. Using this information we deploy strategies to fulfil the need of new business processes in-time. We also discuss current problems and possible solutions. Recommendations regarding Software versions and information on new features are additional highlights of customer care.